May 4, 2023

Alternative Options Counseling Center: A Holistic Approach to Mental Health


Alternative Options Counseling Center (AOCC) is a holistic mental health treatment center that aims to provide the best possible care for individuals who are struggling with behavioral and emotional issues. The center has been operating since 1992 and is dedicated to helping individuals heal from mental health disorders using holistic treatment approaches.

The Holistic Approach

AOCC strongly believes in the principles of holistic healing. The center’s approach to treatment emphasizes treating the whole person, not just their symptoms. This means that AOCC’s therapy sessions focus on treating the mind, body, and spirit, and not just the illness. This approach is geared towards promoting emotional and spiritual wellness, in addition to physical wellness.


The mind is a fundamental aspect of an individual’s well-being. At AOCC, therapists use cognitive-behavioral therapy and other techniques to help patients identify negative and destructive thought patterns. The goal of this therapy is to retrain an individual’s thinking to instill a positive outlook on life.


AOCC also understands the importance of physical health in promoting emotional wellness. The center encourages individuals to focus on looking after their bodies through healthy eating, exercise, and minimizing harmful habits like drug and alcohol abuse.


AOCC also regards spiritual healing as a significant component of an individual’s mental health treatment. The center’s holistic approach includes providing patients with spiritual support to help them build strong emotional and mental resilience, improve their self-esteem, and deepen their connections with their deeper sense of self and others.

Treatment Programs

AOCC offers several different treatment programs designed to meet the needs of its patients. These programs include:

Individual Therapy

AOCC’s therapists specialize in providing individual therapy sessions that focus on helping individuals work through their specific mental health concerns.

Group Therapy

The center’s group therapy sessions are ideal for individuals who would like to work with others who share similar experiences. Group therapy sessions are an excellent way for individuals to learn new skills and gain new perspectives.

Substance Abuse Therapy

AOCC understands the link between mental health problems and substance abuse. The center offers specialized therapy programs that help individuals overcome drug and alcohol addiction and its negative effects on mental health.


What is Alternative Options Counseling Center?

Alternative Options Counseling Center is a holistic mental health treatment center that takes a comprehensive approach to treating mental health disorders.

What kind of services does AOCC offer?

AOCC offers several different treatment programs, including individual, group, and substance abuse therapy.

What’s the cost of treatment at AOCC?

The center offers sliding scale fees to ensure that individuals receive the care they need at an affordable cost.

Who can benefit from treatment at AOCC?

AOCC’s holistic approach to mental health treatment is suitable for anyone who is struggling with behavioral or emotional issues.

How can I get in touch with AOCC?

You can contact Alternative Options Counseling Center at the following phone number: (323) 340-6956. The center’s website also provides additional information about its services.

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