January 22, 2024

Amira Watson - A Missing Kidnapped Ten-Year-Old

amira watson

Amira Watson was just 10 when she was taken from her North Carolina hometown by strangers. Although her parents were divorced, Amira maintained close ties with each. While Mansoor held primary custody over Tynesha for visitation rights. Amira was known to be energetic and kind-hearted girl, with many friends in both camps of her school community; everyone was taken aback when the news of her abduction spread.

She was last seen on January 31 in Dillon County, South Carolina when her Mother picked her up for the weekend and planned on returning her on Sunday, February 2. Unfortunately, when she did not arrive as promised on February 2, her Father quickly became concerned and reported her missing.

Amira Watson was subject to a nationwide search until she was eventually located with her Mother by the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force in Atlanta, Georgia in 2020. They were staying with an undisclosed relative. Her Father did not press charges against his daughter upon seeing her again and was content that his daughter was safe with them.

Today, Amira Watson lives happily with her father and regards him as her hero. She remains a good kid with an immense amount of heart; we hope she continues to thrive!

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