February 19, 2024

Aphrodisiacs and Aphrodisiacs - Does Spanish Fly Work?

spanish fly

Humans have used all sorts of surprising substances over the centuries to increase their sexual desire and libido. Our ancestors chewed special plants, consumed oysters and even drank urine as ways of increasing sexual drive, yet there remains one proven aphrodisiac that remains popular today: chocolate. Spanish fly is an insect product made from blister beetles that has long been used to enhance female sexual pleasure, and give men stronger, longer lasting erections. A drop can put women into the mood for love while giving men stronger, longer-acting erections. Furthermore, spanish fly can act as an intense hallucinogen, once used to hypnotize captives for torture or blackmail purposes. Most products marketed today as spanish fly contain little of either cantharidin itself or cantharidin's effects; instead they contain stimulants like caffeine that mimic the real deal's effects more closely.

Personal testimonials and user reviews provide ample proof that spanish fly is effective in helping arouse partners for an amazing orgasm experience. Scientific research into its ingredients and formulation has demonstrated its ability to increase blood circulation for greater sensuality and sensuality.

Drops of Spanish Fly can easily be added to any drink of choice and the results should show up within minutes. Only a few drops are needed for experiencing its famed sexual enhancer properties - and its safe use as long as you follow recommended dosage instructions. Unlike many other sexual enhancement supplements, Spanish Fly does not contain any hidden additives which might lead to undesirable side effects.

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