January 22, 2024

Ashley McArthur Was Convicted of First Degree Premeditated Murder

ashley mcarthur

As soon as private investigator Taylor Wright went missing on September 8, 2017 Ashley McArthur became a suspect almost instantly; as the last person seen with her she was interrogated by police about whereabouts of Taylor Wright.

As her case against her was built solely upon circumstantial evidence and witness testimonies rather than physical or scientific proof, the jury unanimously found her guilty of first degree premeditated murder and sentenced her to life imprisonment.

McArthur was a crime scene technician until she was charged with the killing of Taylor Wright. They had been close, working together in a crime lab together; yet according to prosecutors, McArthur killed her over $34,000 and buried her on her family farm in Cantonment.

At trial, testimony revealed that McArthur was close to Wright but also struggling financially. On the day before Taylor disappeared, she requested Ashley come with her to the bank so they could withdraw the funds she owed her. Unfortunately for McArthur, Ashley could not make it and told her they were too busy and could not meet.

After several days, police discovered the remains of Taylor Wright who had been shot in the head on McArthur's property and were found buried within concrete and soil on McArthur's land. She was identified by police as having been shot.

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