January 22, 2024

Blac Chyna Kidnapping Victim Ava Louise Files Cease and Desist Letter

blac chyna kidnapping

The same woman who made headlines with her airplane toilet-seat-licking coronavirus challenge and for outing NFL superstar Antonio Brown's shocking off-field behavior, now alleges Blac Chyna attempted to kidnap and sexually traffic her. Chyna's legal team issued Ava Louise a cease and desist letter, demanding she stop alleging Chyna held her captive at her California home. JD Sanchez, Chyna's lawyer, issued a scathing letter obtained by Page Six that called Louise's claims false, extreme and outrageous and demanded she immediately stop making them. Additionally, Ava has made "menacing and outrageous statements" online in order to increase her platform - including spreading false rumors that Kanye West slept with Jeffree Star from YouTube beauty guru channel Beauty Guru TV.

Ava's video that ignited controversy outlined her experience visiting Blac Chyna at her house around 4 am to discuss music collaboration, but upon entering she was forced to sign a very "creepy" Non-Disclosure Agreement and it soon became clear BC wasn't interested in discussing professional matters and suspected she may have been set up for an unlawful encounter or money scheme. Since this video went public on TikTok Ava has removed it.

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