January 22, 2024

Boston Strangler and Paul Dempsey

paul dempsey boston strangler

The Disney Plus film Boston Strangler directed by Matt Ruskin and starring Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon is inspired by the true tale of serial killer who terrorized Boston during the 1960s. While some creative license was taken with regards to events which took place, most accurately representing them; one significant change being Paul Dempsey being included into the story; this addition impacts storytelling in numerous ways and further elevates this movie.

Dempsey is portrayed in the movie as a criminal mastermind who is cunning and elusive; responsible for several grisly murders. Dempsey adds an extra level of suspense and intrigue, keeping audiences interested and engaged throughout.

Dempsey was indeed one of the prime suspects in the Boston Strangler deaths. Previously he had been charged with strangling an elderly woman four years prior and his killing method matched that of the Boston Strangler. Unfortunately due to internal infighting among detectives they failed to follow any potential leads and eventually lost track of Dempsey as an assailant.

The film also shows how the Strangler would tease investigators by leaving gifts at crime scenes, like New Year's cards or letters. He would often leave decorative bows tied around victims' necks as an added insult; additionally, their bodies would often be stripped down and posed to appear like domestic servants.

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