May 2, 2023

Can You Eat Beef Jerky While Pregnant? A Guide to Safe Snacking

Can You Eat Beef Jerky While Pregnant? A Guide to Safe Snacking


During pregnancy, women should be extra careful about what they eat. Foods that are usually considered safe may not be safe during pregnancy, and it’s important to make sure that the snacks you choose are safe for your growing baby. One popular snack that many women wonder about is beef jerky. Can you eat beef jerky while pregnant? Let’s find out.

Is Beef Jerky Safe to Eat While Pregnant?

Beef jerky is safe to eat during pregnancy, but not all beef jerky is created equal. Some brands of beef jerky may be made with preservatives that could be harmful to your baby, so it’s important to choose carefully. Look for beef jerky that is made without any added preservatives or chemicals, and avoid beef jerky that has been processed with sodium nitrate or nitrite. These chemicals can interfere with the ability of your red blood cells to carry oxygen, which can be dangerous for your baby.

What Are the Benefits of Eating Beef Jerky During Pregnancy?

Beef jerky can be a healthy snack for pregnant women. It’s high in protein, which is essential for your baby’s development. Protein is needed to build new cells, and it helps to repair tissues that have been damaged. Eating beef jerky can also help to stabilize your blood sugar levels and keep you feeling full for longer, which can help to prevent overeating and weight gain.

What Should You Look for When Buying Beef Jerky?

When buying beef jerky, look for brands that use high-quality, grass-fed beef. This type of beef is less likely to contain additives and hormones that could be harmful to your baby. Look for beef jerky that is low in sodium, as excess sodium can increase your risk of high blood pressure and other complications. Always read the ingredients label carefully to make sure that there are no added preservatives or chemicals.


Can I eat beef jerky if I have gestational diabetes?

If you have gestational diabetes, you should talk to your doctor before eating beef jerky or any other snack. While beef jerky is high in protein and low in carbs, it’s still important to monitor your blood sugar levels carefully.

How much beef jerky can I eat during pregnancy?

As with any snack, it’s important to eat beef jerky in moderation. Aim for one to two servings (about 1 ounce each) per day.

What are some other healthy snacks for pregnant women?

Other healthy snacks for pregnant women include fresh fruit, vegetables with hummus or guacamole, whole grain crackers with cheese, and yogurt with fruit and nuts.

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