January 22, 2024

Celebrity Meaning in Hindi

celebrity meaning in hindi

Celebrity is defined as being celebrated or famous; such as, Washington was famous.

Celebrity Meaning in Hindi -: This amazing online English to Hindi dictionary helps you quickly get the meaning of any word and develop your linguistic skills at the same time. With its vast database, searching any word is quick and its correct pronunciation easily understood.

Celebrity is derived from Latin, meaning to frequent or honour. This term is typically applied to people who are recognized in certain fields such as film, music and writing, such as movie stars. Wealth or participation in sports or the entertainment industry could make one famous enough to make that claim; or through having known other famous people. As opposed to using terms like famous and notable that do not imply positive public images such as celebrity does.

At Cambridge University Press and its editors' discretion, this online dictionary defines celebrity with various synonyms such as Ace, Big Cheese, Big Gun, Big Name, Cynosure, Figure, Hero, Immortal Lion Luminary Magnate Mahatma Name Notable Personage Personality Somebody Star Superstar Vip etc. Each word and phrase also comes equipped with audio provided by third parties if you need pronunciation assistance; moreover you can access additional related terms using our English to Hindi Dictionary by following any of the links below.

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