January 22, 2024

Chakra Symbols - How to Use Chakra Symbols to Understand Your Energy Body

chakra symbols

Chakra symbols offer an effective way of understanding your energy body, serving as powerful healing and spiritual growth tools. Composed of circles, triangles, lotus petals and squares rooted in sacred geometry tradition from yoga, each chakra symbol represents different aspects of yourself including color and animal correspondences.

Muladhara (root chakra), is the center of all seven chakras, associated with earth elements and red as its color palette. This chakra connects you to both this world and your individual path; located at the base of your spine, Muladhara plays an essential role in maintaining both physical and emotional wellbeing.

The Heart Chakra, represented by its namesake flower, is the most complex chakra. It combines your soul wisdom with human understanding as well as inner spiritual awareness to form one harmonious system. Additionally, this chakra symbolizes love and compassion as well as unity; lotus petals make up this chakra to represent prosperity and eternity as you connect to divine force to find your personal power source.

The heart chakra's interlocking triangles symbolize male and female energies combined into one entity, with male energies being balanced out by female energy, represented by seed syllable YAM which activates it. Explore more here about the sounds, seed syllables and mantras associated with each chakra; during meditation use chakra symbols to connect to your energy centers while their qualities. You may then move through the process of balancing each chakra to achieve higher levels of awareness and healing.


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In conclusion, understanding and harnessing the power of chakra symbols can provide a profound insight into our energy bodies and help us achieve balance and harmony in our lives. But the exploration of sacred spaces goes beyond the realm of chakras. Religion, often a deeply ingrained aspect of human culture, has influenced architectural design for centuries, giving rise to awe-inspiring and spiritually significant structures. To delve further into this fascinating subject, explore the impact of religion on architectural design through the link here. Discover how these sacred spaces exemplify the deep and everlasting connection between spirituality, creativity, and our built environments.

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