January 22, 2024

Choosing the Right Clasp For Your Necklace

the clasp position

The clasp position is like the Rolls Royce of cuddling positions: it offers close, face-to-face contact and deepens emotional intimacy by encouraging nonverbal communication and mutual vulnerability.

Clasp position may not be one of the easiest sex positions to learn, but with practice and support from your partner you can work up to using it. Just make sure that both of you are strong enough to hold each other in this sex position securely.

The Barrel Clasp: This style of clasp involves aligning two metal cylinders and twisting them in order to interlock them. While opening and closing it is fairly straightforward, its design can snag on clothing or chest hair easily and it doesn't work with Foxtail, Franco or Popcorn chains well.

Fishhook Clasp: This type of clasp is sleeker and less bulky than others, featuring a metal hook on one end connected by spring tension to an oval-shaped "box." When secured together with spring tension, its spring mechanism enables it to slide into place and lock securely - often seen on delicate necklaces to add a modern, minimalistic aesthetic.

Selecting an ideal clasp is key to both its function and aesthetics of a necklace. You want something easy to use that complements its overall design - there is an extensive variety of designs out there to meet this need!

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