January 22, 2024

Cultivating Spiritual Health

spiritual health

Spiritual health refers to your ability to understand and accept your connection to a greater universe, along with believing that life has meaning beyond physical objects and short-term happiness, and that you exist for the good of others. Cultivating a healthy spirit can take many forms; from practicing mindfulness or self-reflection sessions to finding ways of connecting with the world around you; all the way up to connecting with higher powers or taking a spiritual path of your own choosing.

Spiritually healthy people are people who remain calm, centered, and have an overwhelming sense of purpose in life. Spiritually well people often enjoy lasting contentment even through difficult times, as well as feeling part of a community. Additionally, these individuals often display deep compassion and empathy toward others which leads them to help out and show generous acts. Ultimately, they believe they can make a positive change for good in the world.

Meditation or prayer as part of a daily practice is an effective way to foster spiritual health. Finding something that speaks to you personally and brings peace and comfort is key, such as yoga, walking slowly or writing in your journal daily. Meditation has been shown to improve both mental and physical wellbeing - so give it a try today!

Spiritual wellness has been linked with improved social connections, better quality of life and lower stress levels. If you wish to incorporate spiritual therapy into your mental health treatment, talk with your provider about including it into the therapy plan.

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