January 22, 2024

Eminem's Relationship With Ex-Wife Kim Scott Revealed

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Eminem and Kim Scott had an extremely toxic relationship, as evidenced in his music. At one point he even made references to taking their daughter on ride-alongs before abandoning them at lakes; an act which led Kim Scott to sue.

After negotiations between them and Kim's attorneys, however, a settlement was reached whereby she received $10 Million as compensation for "intentionally inflicting emotional distress". Kim was also granted partial custody of Hailie.

Kim - who prefers not to draw attention - recently posted an adorable photo of herself and Hailie to Instagram, with an accompanying message reading, "My favorite girls". This post quickly amassed over 2 Million Likes and almost 7000 supportive comments - showing Kim is aware of their status in society as she always supports Hailie when needed.

Reports indicate that 48-year-old is set to walk Hailie down the aisle at her wedding to Evan McClintock this November, as well as attend Hailie's bachelorette party in September with short blond hair and numerous tattoos on display.

Kim reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of $2 Million and works as a freelance writer. Prior to becoming a freelancer writer, she blogged for online publication The Sun as a fashion blogger. Kim boasts various tattoos that reflect her unique style such as butterflies, angels, dragons, roses, skulls and hearts to show off her personality and flair.

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