January 22, 2024

Emotional Cheating - What is Emotional Cheating?

emotional cheating

Emotional cheating refers to when one partner begins relying on and communicating with someone outside their current relationship for emotional support, intimacy, or connection. It usually results from something which gradually reduces trust within their primary relationship over time; though emotionally cheating might seem less serious than physical affairs in terms of its impact on relationships.

An emotional affair often starts off as a platonic relationship, such as flirtatious conversations or coffee dates, but can quickly escalate into something much deeper and more serious. No matter where the relationship started, it's essential that one takes stock of how far things have progressed and consider ways of rectifying any damage done to themselves or others involved.

Some partners can rekindle their romantic relationship after emotional infidelity; others choose to move on and find another. Either way, it is critical that cheating partners recognize the impact of their actions and are willing to work with their spouse on rebuilding trust that may have been lost along the way.

Partners should take time to assess their relationships with friends and coworkers to make sure that no information which could constitute an emotional affair is being shared too freely, which will prevent situations from worsening further and potentially jeopardizing trust established within their primary relationship.

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