January 22, 2024

Grounding Yoga Poses

grounding yoga poses

Yoga poses that ground the body can help cultivate a sense of security, stability and balance in both mind and body. Through their practice you learn to connect with earth element's unwavering strength, wisdom and stability for lasting benefits in life and yoga practice.

Standing in Warrior II can help create a sense of grounding and stability. By connecting deeply to the earth in this posture, Warrior II gives you strength and resilience against whatever challenges may come your way. Imagine yourself as a tree: roots growing down deep into the earth while reaching upwards towards the sky unbreakably unshaken by any situation or circumstance.

Easy Pose (Sukhasana) is another grounding posture. This pose provides both physical and mental grounding through its ability to lower down onto a mat surface, while engaging the breath-body connection. Slow movement activates parasympathetic nervous system activation which in turn lowers cortisol levels and relieves stress.

Child's pose is another great grounding posture as it allows your front body to connect directly to the earth and promotes mindfulness by keeping you in the present moment and free of worries or concerns. You can stay in this pose for several breaths if desired to truly relax into its pose; for those feeling especially overwhelmed this pose is especially soothing as it targets their root chakra, associated with security and stability.

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