February 9, 2024

Halloween Costumes For a Family of Three

Finding Halloween costumes for a family of three can be challenging, since you need to agree on a theme and select your characters before making sure they look good together. Luckily, there are plenty of costumes specifically tailored for families of three. Some great options can even let you flip conventions by featuring multiple roles from movies/shows/books that feature multiple roles: older kids could choose bigger characters while smaller characters go with younger members of the family!

Unleash your inner geek with these playful robot family costumes! Showcase your teamwork skills while having a blast making these charming ensembles with just some DIY talent!

Make this Halloween more engaging for the whole family by creating a fairy tale theme! Mom and daughter can dress as Red Riding Hood while dad and son can take on roles of Big Bad Wolves; don't forget a cute wicker basket accessory as an added treat for your youngest!

There are plenty of Disney movies with three main characters, making it simple for your family of three to find an appropriate costume idea. From Frozen (or its villainous stepmothers!) or Mermaids with sisters Elsa, Anna and Kristoff to Ursula, Flounder and Scuttle under the sea! Or you could try something more classic like The Wizard of Oz which features Dorothy, Tinkerbell and Jiminy Cricket in one family-friendly package!

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