February 11, 2024

How Deep Will You Go Card Game

How Deep Will You Go Card Game is an interactive questions card game designed to deepen relationships. Featuring 400 cards divided into 3 levels: Icebreaker, Deep, and Deeper; this can be enjoyed by two or more people over 17 and works best when couples over 17 participate.

At this meaningful game, one player reads a question to another player(s), who then answers. Topics can range from how one has changed since their first date to which memory immediately brings joy. Players take turns asking and answering until all icebreaker cards and 2 deep cards have been answered or 3 deeper questions have been resolved.

This conversation starter can help create humorous yet candid dialogue between loved ones! From romantic double dates to girl's night with your besties, this dialogue starter will help bring everyone closer together while deepening understanding between each of you. Recommended for ages 17+ due to mature content.

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