January 22, 2024

How Did John Pork Die?

how did john pork die

John Pork, the half man/half pig meme first popularised on Instagram back in 2018, has recently enjoyed renewed exposure on TikTok. Users have uploaded videos showing themselves being called by this virtual influencer; many ending in humorous banter; however some could take on more serious tones.

The half-pig, half-human meme has gained immense popularity on popular video-sharing app YouTube thanks to its unusual appearance and hilarious jokes that surround it. Older and previously popular memes can often make a comeback through other platforms; such was the case for this iconic figure!

John Pork, best known as "Basically the Coolest Pig in the World", enjoys spending his free time hanging out with friends, shopping for shoes, listening to music and traveling the globe - often sharing his adventures via travelogue-esque Instagram posts with his followers. Additionally, John remains close to his followers and always provides fan art boosts when possible!

Though his zest for life captured people worldwide, it ultimately proved fatal for him. Never one to miss an opportunity for fun or adventure, he lived each day as though it were his last and never missed a moment to laugh or have fun - eventually leading him down an irrevocable path that defined his legacy - one where he set his own living rules while leaving an impactful mark on everyone he encountered along the way.

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