January 22, 2024

How Many Grams Are in a Gallon of Corn Syrup?

how many grams in a gallon of corn syrup

One gallon of corn syrup weighs roughly 11 pounds, although the actual weight may differ depending on its ingredients and density levels. Molasses and honey also possess similar densities.

This article describes the approximate weight of one gallon of Karo light corn syrup, a popular brand among bakers and chefs. This natural sweetener is gluten-free and kosher certified - an essential addition to many dishes and desserts like pecan pie and caramel corn. In addition, its versatility means it works as an ideal base for homemade candies and baked goods as well.

This online tool makes it simple and straightforward to convert between units of measurement for wet and dry ingredients, including corn syrup. Users can quickly calculate how many grams are in one cup using the table provided. They can also make conversions between volume measures such as liters (l), deciliters (dl), milliliters (ml), fluid ounces (fl-oz), pint US liquid volumes, American kitchen table spoons (tbsp-tblsp) or teaspoons (tsp- teasp).

With its creamy texture and mild sweetness, this syrup makes an excellent ingredient in numerous recipes. Use it to prevent ice crystals in frozen desserts as well as thicken sauces, jams and jellies; or even use it to coat grilled hams for moisture retention and flavorful results! Designed to meet busy restaurant and bakery environments.

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