February 11, 2024

How Old is Someone Born in 1988 in 2024?

How old would someone born in 1988 be in 2024? According to Korean calculations of ageing, who base their calculations solely on years - without taking into account months or days.

To calculate an individual's age in any particular year, all you need to do is subtract their date of birth from today. So for instance if it were 2012 and they were born in 1988 they would be 24. This article will demonstrate this method using our calculator below.

This tool is extremely easy to use; just enter the month and year of birth, click, and the calculator will instantly provide their age in years, days, minutes, or hours.

Jiroemon Kimura from Japan became the world's oldest woman when she passed away in 2013. Fredie Blom from South Africa currently reigns supreme as centenarian.

Find out the age of someone born in 2024 by entering their date of birth into the empty column and clicking the button. In addition, you'll see their birthstone, zodiac sign, famous people they share their birthday with as well as top songs & movies for their special day! Our science section and health and fitness sections may also provide more insight into how their bodies work!

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