February 11, 2024

How Tall Is Savannah Guthrie?

Savannah Guthrie is a celebrated journalist and co-anchor of NBC show Today, earning immense respect in her field due to her intelligence, charm, and captivating presence. Her striking features result from a disciplined approach to fitness and healthy living; additionally she remains connected with the community by participating in various charitable causes.

How Tall Is Savannah Guthrie

At 5 feet 10 inches or 178 cm, journalist Savannah Guthrie stands out. With long legs and a lean frame that make her appear slim and gorgeous even when wearing high-waisted pants and skirts.

Born in Melbourne, Australia and moving with her family to Tucson at two years old, the star began her journalism journey at local news station KMIZ as a local news reporter. Later she earned both her Bachelor's in journalism and Law degrees before embarking on her goal of becoming a television host.

Savannah initially joined NBC News as a legal analyst and correspondent. Shortly thereafter, she was promoted to co-host the Today show, replacing former co-host Ann Curry. Savannah quickly earned fame among audiences due to her celebrity interviews - winning multiple awards over time.

TV personality Carrie Fisher is also an ardent wife and mother, having been married to Mark Orchard from 2006 until their separation in 2009. Since then she has shared custody of their daughter Vale with Michael Feldman as her current partner.

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