February 6, 2024

How to Eliminate Quistes in the Ovarians in 12 Hours

Ovaries are small oval organs found at the base of your abdomen that play an essential role in physical development for women and produce estrogen and progesteron hormones, according to Mayo Clinic. Ovaries release one egg every month that when reaching its surface creates an envelope full of liquid surrounding it known as quiste ovarico sacs that later rupture and shed their contents resulting in pregnancy.

Sometimes ovarian cysts are normal and do not present any issues or challenges for women, while at other times they may swell and cause discomfort.

An experienced ginecologist may detect an ovary cyst during routine pelvic revision or with the aid of clinical ultrasound scanning (ecografia). Ecography uses high frequency sound waves to produce images of ovaries which help determine size, position, shape and composition (solid or liquid) of cystoadenoma or any other kind of quiste present within them.

Once a ginecologo or obstetra has identified an ovarian cyst, she will conduct laparoscopy - more commonly referred to as cystoadenoma treatment - which allows it to run its course without further complicating. This advanced approach ensures it doesn't worsen any potential secondary complications and ensures treatment comes to completion quickly and successfully.

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