January 22, 2024

How to Give a Man a Lingam Massage

lingam massage

'Lingam' is an ancient Sanskrit word that refers both to Shiva, who represents Hindu god, as well as penis or dick, both parts of which ancient Hindus considered holy and thus dedicated special massage techniques called Lingam Massage to it - this type of therapy makes it easier for men to orgasm without ejaculating, making orgasmation less complicated for both partners involved.

At the core of every Lingam Massage is giving a full-body massage so that the recipient can surrender fully to pleasure and relax physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Once this step has been accomplished, a tantric goddess may gradually move toward massaging the Lingam itself while continually communicating with her receiver about how this feels - as well as asking for feedback such as how hard or soft they'd like it.

Once a therapist reaches her target lingam, she will employ various massage techniques to relax it and encourage vaginal opening and clitoris. Additionally, she may massage testicles, perineum (the sensitive patch between anus and scrotum) and prostate (known as "the sacred spot").

Lingam massage provides men with an opportunity to experience waves of orgasmic pleasure that flow up towards his heart, thus connecting their sexual energy to his heart chakra. This can help him access his inner masculine power and become an engaged sexual being; additionally, it may assist genital muscle toning as well as overcome anorgasmia.

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