February 11, 2024

How to Grade Pokemon Cards

As a collector, you likely already understand that getting your cards professionally graded is the best way to preserve and increase their value when it comes time to sell them. But how exactly should this process happen? This article will walk you through sending your cards off for grading by PSA, Beckett or CGC and what you should expect during their grading processes.

Professional grading services evaluate cards sent for evaluation on a scale from 1-10. A higher grade will indicate better condition.

Grading takes into account numerous factors, including centering and edging conditions of your card; edge conditions are crucial in determining its value. Furthermore, your grading company will closely inspect printing quality as poor printing can significantly lower its worth.

PSA and Beckett are among the premier services for professionally grading Pokemon cards, providing evaluation and assigning grades accordingly. PSA's simple system ranges from "Poor 1" to "GEM MINT 10," while Beckett has more detailed subgrades that go from 'Poor 2" up to "Black Label Pristine 10."

Professionally grading Pokemon cards can significantly increase their value, but you must first understand how the grading process works before sending your cards off for evaluation. Furthermore, keep them in pristine condition as any damage will affect their grade.

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