February 5, 2024

How to Prepare For Anal

Anal is an intimate area that requires some additional precautions and care when engaging in sexual activity, but nonetheless can be uncomfortable or awkward for both partners involved. We will cover how best to prepare for and make anal sexual experiences pleasurable for both partners involved, no matter if one partner is receiving or penetrating the anus.

Get started by having an open dialogue and setting clear boundaries with your partner about anal play and discussing needs, requests and expectations can help reduce anxiety for both of you, according to Tameca Harris-Jackson of Hope & Serenity Health Services. She recommends starting slowly by applying plenty of lube before slowly transitioning towards penetration with either an anal toy or finger as your first point of entry.

Be wary that things could get messy. It is essential to realize that your anus, also referred to as the "butthole," and rectum are the final sections of your large intestine, from which poop originates. Even with regular and routine bowel movements, waste may still reach this section and potentially reach the anus causing infection.

To prevent this from happening, always use a condom during anal sex (and vaginal or oral sex), and never touch your butthole without wearing underwear or panties. Also keep sex blankets and wipes handy so that fluids or messes created during anal play can be quickly cleaned up; Harris-Jackson recommends washing crack with mild soap and water prior to anal play as a further safeguard.

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