January 22, 2024

How to Read a Guy - Signs That He Likes Me

does he like me

Deciphering men may seem like trying to decode a secret code, but they're actually easier than you think to read. There are clear indicators that someone likes you; if he seems curious about you and your interests and asks numerous questions about them - that may be a good indicator that they see more than just friends in you!

An additional way to tell if someone likes you is by seeing how protective he is of you. When other guys eye you or poke their nose into your space, he becomes defensive and acts in protective manner - perhaps trying to talk them off or calling to check that you arrived home safely. This kind of gesture shows his care and affection towards you!

Another telltale sign he likes you is when he smiles around you. Attracted partners tend to smile more frequently and intensely, known as Duchenne smiles involving all facial muscles being present and visible - this should give away his interest for you. Watch for body language signals such as him walking close or leaning over your shoulder; additionally if he looks back one last time when parting ways that's another good indicator.

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