July 10, 2023

How to Sprint in Elden Ring: Mastering the Basics of Movement

How to Sprint in Elden Ring: Mastering the Basics of Movement

How to Sprint in Elden Ring: Mastering the Basics of Movement


Elden Ring is an upcoming highly anticipated action role-playing video game that combines the talents of FromSoftware,
the creators of Dark Souls, and the mastermind behind the Game of Thrones series, George R.R. Martin. In this vast
open-world game, mastering movement is essential, and sprinting is a crucial aspect of it. In this article, we
will guide you through the basics of sprinting in Elden Ring.

The Controls

Before diving into sprinting, it's important to familiarize yourself with the controls:

  • PlayStation: Hold down the L3 button (also known as left stick click).
  • Xbox: Hold down the left stick click (LS) button.
  • PC: Press and hold the Shift key.

Benefits of Sprinting

Sprinting in Elden Ring comes with several advantages:

  • Increased movement speed: Sprinting allows you to cover larger distances quickly.
  • Evasion: When faced with dangerous enemies or attacks, sprinting can help you escape or create distance.
  • Jumping: Sprinting enables you to jump higher and farther than regular movement.
  • Platforming: Many areas in Elden Ring require precise timing and sprinting can help you traverse challenging

Using Stamina Wisely

While sprinting can be advantageous, it's important to manage your stamina effectively:

  • Monitor Stamina Bar: Keep an eye on your stamina bar at the top left corner of the screen. Sprinting consumes
    stamina, and if it depletes entirely, you won't be able to sprint or perform any other actions until it
  • Rest: If your stamina is running low, release the sprint button and allow it to regenerate to ensure you have
    enough stamina for combat encounters.


Q: Can I sprint indefinitely?

A: No, sprinting consumes stamina. Watch your stamina bar to ensure you don't exhaust it completely.

Q: Can I sprint in any direction?

A: Yes, sprinting allows you to move in any direction, giving you increased mobility within the game world.

Q: Can I cancel sprinting mid-way?

A: Yes, simply release the sprint button to stop sprinting instantly.

Q: Can sprinting affect combat?

A: While sprinting won't directly affect combat, it can be useful for positioning yourself strategically and
setting up attacks.


Sprinting is a fundamental skill in Elden Ring that enhances your movements and opens up new possibilities in the
vast game world. Mastering sprinting and effectively managing stamina will greatly improve your gameplay experience.
So, get out there, sprint, and explore the captivating world of Elden Ring!

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