February 11, 2024

How to Use a Shower Steamer

Shower Steamers are fizzy aromatherapy tablets designed to make showering an indulgent spa experience. Packed with soothing menthol and delicious essential oil scents for ultimate self-care, their combination provides the ideal self-care formula. Menthol helps deep breathing for relaxation while essential oil scents tantalize senses while soothing mind and body alike.

Similar to bath bombs, shower steamers are easy to use and entertaining to watch dissolve while filling the water with amazing aromas. Shower steamers make an excellent alternative to spreading essential oils on the tub floor or wall as they don't require being washed off afterwards - perfect if your tub's tile surface gets slippery when adding essential oils!

Use is easy: just drop one into your shower before shampooing & conditioning to watch it work its magic. For best results, place the steamer near warm water but out of direct contact with your shower head; it will slowly react as its contents evaporate and release an aroma-infused steam that you can tailor by standing closer or further from the showerhead.

Essential oil-infused shower steamers may provide assistance for everything from improving sleep quality to relieving symptoms of colds or headaches. They make an ideal addition to your morning or nightly routine when you need an extra burst of energy or relaxation at the end of a long day.

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