January 22, 2024

Is Hailey Bieber Pregnant?

hailey bieber pregnant

Hailey Bieber may not yet be pregnant, but she's already tired of all of the unfavorable pregnancy rumors surrounding herself and husband Justin. Speaking in an October 2023 GQ Hype interview, Hailey was clear in her displeasure with such speculation, calling it "disheartening" while emphasizing that when the time comes she will let those on social media be the last to know.

Hailey was seen multiple times this summer wearing dresses or tops that obscured her stomach, leading many to speculate if she were expecting. Additionally, in July a TikTok video went viral showing them at an event where she donned a tight red minidress while her boyfriend donned sweatpants and Crocs.

Hailey Baldwin, daughter of Stephen and Kennya Baldwin, has made waves in both fashion (notably her iconic glazed nails) and beauty worlds; but it is her relationship with Justin that remains at the forefront. Hailey discussed in her GQ interview how they discussed raising their children away from public attention but now realizes this may not be possible due to their current lifestyles.

Hailey may not yet be pregnant, but she expressed excitement for an impending pregnancy. Additionally, Hailey commented on her recent decision not to publicly post photos with ice cream and noted she is just trying to maintain healthy living for now. Go Hailey! Keep going strong!

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