February 14, 2024

Is it OK to Have Sex With a UTI?

sex with uti

UTIs (also called bladder infections) can make sexual activity difficult. Although not sexually transmitted diseases, UTIs can still cause pain and discomfort to the genital area and even lead to kidney infection if left untreated. Sex should not be performed while having UTI as it will aggravate symptoms further and increase irritation to the area.

UTIs can enter the urinary tract via the urethra, which lies close to both men and women genitalia. Any form of sexual activity could disrupt this pathway and push bacteria closer towards or up into anus, leading to infection.

Doctors usually advise abstaining from sexual activity until your UTI has cleared up, though if you must engage in sexual activity prior to finishing antibiotic treatment it should probably be safe as long as necessary measures are taken to minimize risks.

Experts advise showering before engaging in sexual activity to reduce the risk of bacteria entering through manual stimulation of the urethra. Furthermore, it's wise to always use a condom when engaging in penetrative sex even with intimate partners who you know well and a dental dam for oral sex.

Other helpful steps for avoiding UTIs include making sure to empty your bladder after sexual activity and drink plenty of water, especially if you're prone to UTIs. Furthermore, diaphragms and lubricated condoms should be used to provide barrier protection when engaging in sexual activities, and practicing good hygiene by regularly changing panty liners and using sanitary products.

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