January 22, 2024

Is John Cena Dead?

john cena dead

John Cena is a 16-time world champion, New York Times best-selling author, and record-setting Make-A-Wish granter who has also starred in blockbuster movies. With such accolades under his belt and such an ardent fan base behind him, Cena's popularity continues to soar - however in recent weeks he has been subject to an online death hoax concerning covid-19 infection.

Social media posts shared thousands of times falsely allege that an American wrestler died of the flu on August 11, 2021 after contracting it after competing in WWE Summer Slam 2021 event. But according to our fact-checkers at AFP's fact checking team, this actually took place on August 21, and since the hoax started spreading online he has remained active online and on social media.

Cena has an immense respect for his audience and strives to make wrestling experiences even more riveting than before. Be it through new characters, innovative creative directions or expanding platforms; Cena refuses to accept complacency as an acceptable option.

He is an adept entertainer with the ability to draw audiences in through character work and extraordinary promotional skills. Additionally, he shares a passion for music; recording his debut studio album You Can't See Me with rapper Tha Trademarc is one such passion project.

Wrestling superstar, John Dodd graduated with degrees in exercise physiology and human anatomy from Springfield College, Massachusetts. When not training or competing, Dodd loves spending time with family and animals alike - having also served as guest host on popular WWE show Smackdown!

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