April 27, 2023

Is Orzo Gluten Free? A Comprehensive Guide

What is Orzo?

Orzo is a type of pasta that looks like large grains of rice or barley. It is traditionally made from wheat but can also be made from other grains such as rice, corn, and quinoa. It is commonly used in soups, salads, and casseroles as well as a side dish.

Is Orzo Gluten Free?

Most varieties of orzo are made from wheat which contains gluten. Therefore, regular orzo is not gluten-free. However, there are some gluten-free alternatives available on the market. To make orzo gluten-free, manufacturers use flour made from rice, corn, or quinoa instead of wheat flour.

Gluten-free Orzo Options

If you are on a gluten-free diet, there are several options for gluten-free orzo that you can choose from. Some popular brands include:

  • DeLallo Gluten-Free Rice Orzo
  • Tinkyada Brown Rice Orzo
  • Le Veneziane Gluten-Free Corn Orzo
  • Trader Joe's Organic Brown Rice & Quinoa Fusilli Pasta

How to Cook Gluten-Free Orzo

Cooking gluten-free orzo is similar to regular orzo. Simply boil in salted water for 8-10 minutes or until al dente. Be sure to read the instructions on the package for specific cooking directions.

Is Orzo Suitable for a Gluten-Free Diet?

Gluten-free orzo is suitable for people on a gluten-free diet. However, be sure to check the ingredients list before purchasing as some brands may contain wheat or other gluten-containing grains.


Q: What is gluten?
A: Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, and some other grains.

Q: Can people with celiac disease eat gluten-free orzo?
A: Yes, people with celiac disease can eat gluten-free orzo that is made from rice, corn, or quinoa flour.

Q: Is regular orzo safe for people with celiac disease?
A: No, regular orzo is not safe for people with celiac disease as it contains gluten.

Q: Are there any other gluten-free pasta options?
A: Yes, there are many gluten-free pasta options including those made from rice, corn, quinoa, chickpea, and lentil flour.

Q: Can I use gluten-free orzo in any dish that calls for regular orzo?
A: Yes, you can use gluten-free orzo in any dish that calls for regular orzo. Just be sure to adjust the cooking time according to the instructions on the package.

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