February 8, 2024

Is Speed Meth the Same As Methamphetamine?

Are Speed Meth and Methamphetamine the Same Thing? Methamphetamine is a potency stimulant which can have lasting ill-effects on both brain and body function. Although many with ADHD use methamphetamine to manage symptoms temporarily, its long-term use doesn't lead to lasting relief and often leads to addiction; prescription amphetamines are safer and more effective in terms of treating symptoms effectively; it is strongly advised that anyone suffering from ADHD opt for prescription amphetamines instead.

Meth is known to cause your brain to release high levels of the neurotransmitter dopamine, which plays an essential role in movement, motivation, emotion and pleasure. Methamphetamine works by blocking its reuptake into the brain causing rapid increases in dopamine levels which leads to dramatic weight loss as well as norepinephrine and epinephrine production which in turn increase heart rate, blood pressure and stroke risk while leading to extreme weight loss as well as dental problems such as meth mouth along with skin sores caused by scratching.

Powder, base and crystal meth are the three primary forms of meth that exist: powder is white or off-white and can be taken orally as pills; crystal meth must be smuggled into places and smoked to be more potent; it resembles chunky crystals resembling ice; this substance can either be snorted or injected for faster effects; oral use takes slightly longer but still produces an intense rush from oral use that lasts six hours on average before its effects wear off completely from oral use alone! It may take five half-lives for its effects to fully wear off from oral use alone!

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