February 5, 2024

Is There Such a Thing As a Pretty Penis?

Beautiful penises can bring immense sexual pleasure. Bendy, curved, slim or thick pens with large balls and veiny length can all enhance masturbation, fellatio or anal penetration sessions - but what exactly makes one attractive over another? Does size matter or is there one look or personality more desirable than another?

Scientists from the University of Zurich conducted a new study published in Sexual Medicine which asked 105 women between 16 and 45 from all age groups to rate various aspects of penis importance, with size not coming out on top; instead overall cosmetic appearance, pubic hair shape, shape of glans girth length as the most influential factors followed by pubic hair length shape shape of glans girth length as other considerations such as position shape of meatus (urethra). This research study was intended to combat feelings of shame felt by men following corrective surgery for distal hypospadias (which causes their urethra to sit beneath their penis).

There are numerous things you can do to enhance the visual appeal of your penis, including regular grooming, proper hydration, wearing loose-fitting clothing and using moisturizing cream or oils for health cream or oil use. Kegel exercises and keeping this area hydrated may also improve sexual function and decrease pain during sex; for optimal results it would also be wise to practice Kegel exercises regularly and keep this area moisturized adequately - if anything changes with its appearance such as stiffening or discomfort should contact medical professional immediately for advice or treatment options.

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