January 22, 2024

Joseph Quinn Movies and TV Shows

joseph quinn movies and tv shows

Joseph Quinn may not have been known before Stranger Things, but after it concluded his popularity skyrocketed. Eddie Munson epitomizes all that we adore about misfits, making us wish that he were our classmate in high school!

Before his breakout role as Finn on Stranger Things, Quinn was building his resume through various TV and film roles. In 2013, he performed in a stage adaptation of William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice as Lorenzo; his performance proved his ability to tackle complex characters and classic texts, setting the standard for future projects.

Quinn made headlines this year as Prince Paul in Helen Mirren's historical drama Catherine the Great. His performance earned positive reviews and cemented his role as an up-and-coming actor. Additionally, he appeared as Leonard Bast in Howards End mini series as someone struggling with social conventions.

Quinn excelled as Enjolras in the BBC production of Les Miserables 2019. His powerful yet convincing performance as the passionate youth leader made an impressionful mark.

Next year, Quinn continued his rise with an outstanding role as Arthur Havisham from Great Expectations on Dickensian - this unique mash-up of Dickens novels proved his ability to portray complex characters. Additionally, later that year he played Morris in C.B. Strike based on JK Rowling's books under Robert Galbraith, Tom in Make Up (an unsettling cabin horror) and voiced PC Dixon for 2022 video game Over the Garden Wall.

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