January 22, 2024

Kamasutra - More Than Just Erotic Positions


When most people think of Kamasutra, they likely imagine an ancient text packed with contortionist sex positions that seem straight out of a Larry Flynt manual. Yet relationship experts believe it offers much more than that: an exploration of desire, intimacy and life through unbridled curiosity that liberates people's minds - it's an ancient text with immense significance that dates back millennia!

Kama Sutra centers around pleasure and love between men and women; however, its main themes also cover topics like etiquette, family life, marriage and the role of women in household chores. Kama Sutra was ahead of its time by emphasizing women's rights in domestic settings while teaching sexual pleasure to attract men's interest; encouraging sexual pleasure as a way to seduce male admirers while discussing beauty as an object of affection for both sexes.

This book is divided into 36 or 35 chapters and seven parts. The first, lesser-known part outlines principles of love and sexual pleasure while the second explores sexual techniques like oral sex, anal sex, biting, moaning, slapping, and foreplay.

The third part, less well known than its counterparts, discusses courtesans or mistresses and how to attract them. The fourth section explains duties and responsibilities for wives; finally the final chapter known as the 'sex chapter" provides 10 chapters about sexual positions and techniques for both male and female partners.

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