January 2, 2024

Kendall Roy Sunglasses: The Trendsetting Eyewear of the Succession Star

Kendall Roy Sunglasses: The Trendsetting Eyewear of the Succession Star

About Kendall Roy Sunglasses

Kendall Roy, the iconic character from the hit TV series "Succession," has become a fashion icon in his own right. One of the standout features of his look is his stylish sunglasses. Kendall's eyewear has sparked a trend, with fans and fashion enthusiasts seeking to emulate his distinctive style.

The Trendsetting Eyewear

Kendall Roy's sunglasses are known for their bold and sleek design. They feature a modern, rectangular frame with a minimalist aesthetic. The eyewear is available in various colors, but Kendall is often seen sporting a classic black or tortoiseshell pair. The sunglasses exude confidence and sophistication, complementing Kendall's polished and fashionable image on the show.

Where to Find Kendall Roy Sunglasses

Given the popularity of Kendall's eyewear, many fashion retailers and online stores have started offering similar styles. Fans can find a wide range of options inspired by Kendall's sunglasses, allowing them to achieve his on-screen look. Additionally, some brands may offer official "Succession" merchandise, including replicas of Kendall's iconic eyewear.


Are Kendall Roy sunglasses unisex?

Yes, Kendall Roy sunglasses can be worn by individuals of any gender. The sleek and versatile design makes them suitable for both men and women.

What face shapes do Kendall Roy sunglasses complement?

Kendall Roy sunglasses are particularly flattering for those with square or oval face shapes. The angular frames complement these face shapes by adding balance and structure.

Can I wear Kendall Roy sunglasses for outdoor activities?

While Kendall Roy sunglasses are primarily a fashion accessory, they can also provide some protection from the sun's rays. However, they may not offer the same level of protection as specialized sports or outdoor eyewear.

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