January 22, 2024

Living With Intention - How to Start Living With Intention Today!

living with intention

Living with intention means making plans, exploring your purpose, and being mindful in each moment. Doing this is an effective way to reduce stress levels, make an impactful difference on others' lives, and increase self-awareness - but taking the steps needed to become intentional takes time and practice each day; here you will learn about steps for becoming more intentional so you can start living this way now!

Step 1: Define What Intention Means to You

Your intentions have an effect on everything in your life: from how you spend your leisure time, relationships and businesses; all need an intention. So firstly you must define what intentions mean to you so you can set them correctly to achieve your goals and dreams.

Understanding yourself and your values requires some introspection, but you have many avenues open to you for doing this. Journaling is my go-to method but you might also try exploring interests or discussing values with family or friends; podcasts and meditation sessions designed to aid in self-compassion can also be very helpful.

Understanding that you don't need to live up to others' expectations is also a critical part of this process, though this can be particularly hard for perfectionists who try hard to please everyone around them. You must live your life your own way instead of trying to please everybody.

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