January 22, 2024

Mary DeTurris Poust - Cravings: A Catholic Wrestles With Food, Self-Image and God

mary deturris poust

Mary deturris poust is an author, columnist, and blogger specializing in family, faith, and spiritual life who writes regularly for Catholic and secular publications alike. Since 2001 her Life Lines column has appeared in Catholic New York; additionally her Not Strictly Spiritual blog provides insight into family spirituality issues. Additionally she has written the books Everyday Divine: A Complete Idiot's Guide to Catholic Catechism and Parenting Grieving Children which have all received widespread acclaim.

Mary Poust will host a weekend experience June 9th-11th that explores incorporating prayer into everyday life and creating still points amid our busy lives through journaling, guided meditation, meditative movement and hands on prayer experiences. For more information please click HERE.

Cravings: A Catholic Wrestles with Food, Self-Image and God

Similar to Geneen Roth in Women, Food and God but from a uniquely Catholic viewpoint, Mary DeTurris Poust explores ways people use food to escape or ignore their true desires: acceptance, understanding, friendship, love - ultimately God himself. Leveraging her rich appreciation of meals from growing up Italian American family life herself as an Italian American herself as a girl herself, Poust guides readers into reflection about eating as it relates to spirituality through questions, practice exercises and prayers per chapter.

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