January 22, 2024

Missing: Dead Or Alive - Lorraine Garcia

lorraine garcia

Lorraine Garcia has been active as an artist at local, regional and national levels since 1970. She has shown extensively and become known for her large-scale drawings, paintings and ceramic sculptures.

Lorraine has developed an unparalleled artistic style characterized by the creative use of color, texture and form to produce abstract shapes. She draws her inspiration from both personal experiences as well as cultural history - with works being displayed at museums like Boston's Museum of Fine Arts as well as Oakland Museum.

Missing: Dead or Alive Netflix series features Lorraine Garcia, an elderly widow from Columbia who went missing after her son Anthony threatened her with violence. Anthony served in Iraq War, suffers from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and has a tendency towards violence towards family members.

At the time of her disappearance, Lorraine had just been released from Prisma Health Richland Hospital when officials visited her home to conduct a welfare check. Officials located her car parked outside, but no signs of Lorraine inside were present - prompting officials from the sheriff's department to classify her as endangered.

Authorities eventually discovered a recording of Lorraine calling her bank inquiring about account details, yet had difficulty accessing them due to issues with identifying features that made it hard for them to gain entry to it. Further investigation revealed that Lorraine had left the home she shared with her son and moved out altogether, going undetected until finally discovering their whereabouts.

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