January 22, 2024

Moon Knight Season 2 Ideas

moon knight season 2

Marvel's Moon Knight debuted to positive fan response despite its differences from other MCU media. However, its first season ended on an unexpected cliffhanger with Marc Spector discovering another personality named Jake Lockley who works with Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god. Though its second season is yet to be confirmed officially, both star Oscar Isaac and writer Mohamed Diab have expressed enthusiasm for more episodes.

With an excellent cast and story about dissociative identity disorder, Marvel would do well to renew this show for another season. Here are some ideas for expanding upon what already seems promising about its premise and characters.

Moon Knight focused largely on the conflict between Steven Grant, an ordinary museum worker, and Marc Spector (whose body he occupies), but subtly teased out Jake Lockley (working alongside Khonshu as an Avatar of Egyptian moon god Ammit), an unlikely third persona working alongside Khonshu to act as Moon Knight; Lockley may well play an integral part in any future seasons; given how in one post-credit scene where Lockley took over as Moon Knight himself! Also brief hints to classic comic book villains like Bushman could potentially pay dividends later.

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