January 22, 2024

Moon Water - How to Infuse Water With Lunar Energy

moon water

Inspired by the moon's symbols of growth, healing, and power, many believe infusing water with lunar energy is an effective way to banish negativity, strengthen intuition, and manifest intentions. Also referred to as moon bathing or "moon water," creating this ritual requires just clean, filtered or spring water in a container placed outside or on a windowsill under its light until fully charged by lunar energy.

Making moon water is often associated with full moon energy; however, you can technically create it on any clear night (except during lunar eclipses ). Many believe that which zodiac sign the moon was in when full can alter how its energies impact your moon water; for instance a full moon in Pisces may imbue it with sensual and healing qualities.

Once you've collected water, take a moment to set your intention. Writing down your intention as part of a manifestation exercise and placing it next to or taped to the container will work best; let the moon's light infuse your container for however long you deem appropriate - overnight, all day or just a few hours will work fine too if desired; adding crystals could further amplify its potential! Once the time is up, enjoy drinking or use moon water in beauty rituals like face masks and self-care routines instead!

Moon Water Magic Part 2 (Please see description Box)

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