January 22, 2024

Passages Malibu Cost

passages malibu cost

Passages Malibu Cost Established by Chris Prentiss in 2001, passages Malibu has quickly become one of the premier rehabs worldwide. Offering an innovative non-12Step approach to recovery with facilities including tennis courts, pools, koi ponds and personal trainers; their main campus overlooks the ocean on 10 acres in California - this facility can house 29 clients simultaneously.

A typical day at passages malibu includes breakfast and dinner in communal areas with other housemates. After attending therapeutic sessions during the afternoon, clients return home for a relaxing evening in sober living homes. On weekends they may visit sober bars for drinks or meet friends for lunch; otherwise during the week, healthy eating habits are practiced within fully equipped kitchens.

Cost of passages Malibu depends on length of stay and any special needs that need to be met; insurance benefits often cover a portion. A 30 day program at their main facility costs approximately $64,500 with private room rental and daily housekeeping included; this cost may seem steep compared to other luxury rehabs but many believe that its investment pays dividends during recovery.

Passages Malibu stands out among luxury treatment centers for its philosophy that addiction isn't a disease; rather it stems from chemical imbalances, unresolved traumas, poor coping mechanisms and misguided beliefs. Their holistic treatment approach uses various forms of therapy including psychotherapy, music therapy, acupuncture, adventure therapy and hypnotherapy for effective results.

Passages Malibu Luxury Rehab Center

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