March 9, 2024

Pigs in a Blanket

Pigs in a blanket (also referred to as "kilted soldiers or sausage rolls") is an increasingly popular and easy-to-make snack, popular among Christmas dinner guests and often served alongside turkey roastings. Made by wrapping small sausages (such as Chipolatas) in bacon.

Little pigs in a blanket are delicious party snacks or meals - simply serve with dips to bring out their flavor! Pigs in a blanket also make great projects to get kids involved with baking; making and devouring one is super-easy, fun and incredibly delectable!

As with any recipe, making pigs in a blanket requires several key steps. First and foremost is prepping your chipolatas and dough - use a sharp knife to cut slits into each cocktail sausage to prevent splitting in the oven. Next, lightly dust your work surface with flour before rolling out puff pastry onto it.

Once your pigs in a blanket are prepared, simply place them on a baking sheet and bake. Rotating the sheet midway through is important to ensure even baking. After taking out of the oven, serve hot with your choice of sauce - whether that be ketchup, mustard or another delicious dip!

Pigs in a blankets are delicious little bite-size sausage treats that pair perfectly with various sides for an unbeatably delicious meal. Mashed sweet potatoes or simple baked potatoes offer contrast in textures while serving these finger food snacks as finger food snacks can add even more nutrition into your day!

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