February 22, 2024

Ree Drummond's Children Are Growing Up

ree drummond children

Food Network star Ree Drummond and her husband have become officially empty nesters after Todd left for college last fall, yet are taking this change well.

Alex, aged 24, recently wed her Mauricio in May 2021 in Dallas where she now resides and works for a consulting firm.


Paige has quickly established herself as one of her mother's mainstays on her show, even as the youngest of her kids. Currently enrolled as a junior at University of Arkansas and member of Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Outside of school she enjoys snowboarding and visits her family ranch in Vail frequently.

Though her older sister Alex now resides in Dallas with husband Mauricio Scott, the two remain close. They frequently leave loving Instagram comments on each other's posts and were maids-of-honor at each other's weddings in 2021.

Ree and Ladd also recently adopted Jamar, who has joined their family over two and a half years ago. Like Bryce and Todd, Jamar plays football for Pawhuska High School Huskies.


Ree Drummond's children are growing up quickly. Although she misses having them close by at home, Ree is proud that all three have found ways to make a positive contribution in the world.

Ree's oldest child, Bryce is currently attending University of North Texas and plays quarterback on their football team. Ree and her family have witnessed many of his games over the years and cheered him on with great enthusiasm!

Bryce is an understanding individual who cares for Liam when one of his wooden crutches breaks. She's also friendly toward Stella despite having fallen out with Ruhn Danaan when they learned he was her biological father; later helping Stella visit Ruhn Danaan but the encounter wasn't exactly successful.


Ree's favorite pastime is watching her children develop and flourish into individuals with their own personalities and passions, all united by their deep family bond and appreciation of ranch life.

As Ree and Ladd Drummond's eldest daughter, Alex Drummond has made appearances on The Pioneer Woman since 2011. Most recently she tied the knot with Mauricio in an intimate outdoor ceremony.

Alex enjoys traveling with Mauricio to distant locales when not working for her mom, and is also an avid snowboarder, frequently competing in contests across the United States. They frequently post updates of their adventures to Instagram; currently living in Dallas but with plans of traveling more in future.


Alex and Paige remain important members of the Drummond family despite having moved out. They assisted Ree during her filming of COVID-19 lockdown footage and even got playful with Walter, her basset hound!

Ree has called her son Bryce a "superstar," as well as calling him her most "bodacious, bright bonus kid."

Todd, as the youngest in his brood, lives on the ranch with his mom and dad as well as his siblings. Recently he starred in a music video alongside them all and is said to possess an "outsized personality". Todd was named for Ladd's late uncle whom died before Todd could arrive.


Ree Drummond recently made headlines when she announced that her family now includes five members. Jamar, Ladd's foster son since joining them over a year ago, has quickly become part of their chaotic clan and she described him as an exceptional, bright bonus child who plays football and spends his free time with the boys.

Food Network star Ina Garten states that her son Bryce introduced them to Jamar after meeting him during high school football practice. Jamar hopes to play college football and recently experienced an injury requiring skin grafting and tendon repair surgery on both feet.

He is now back on the field at University of North Texas for his second year. Prior to graduating early and training with Pawhuska Huskies, he played quarterback.

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