January 22, 2024

Riley Reid and Her Husband

Riley Reid is an award-winning American porn star who has amassed more than 45 awards since entering adult film acting. Formerly she performed as a str*pper at various clubs before transitioning into acting; additionally she worked as model. Riley now dominates Pornhub as one of its premier stars bringing in huge revenues.

Her success in the sex business has enabled her to establish Ash Agency, a management agency specializing in overseeing workers in the industry. Unlike other agencies which take a larger cut of talents' earnings than necessary, Ash takes only a fraction. Their friendly approach demonstrates their genuine care for them.

Shay Navarro, host and guest on her Rockstar Lifestyle podcast, creates an engaging and lighthearted environment on her podcast. Both women share similar female perspectives in terms of industry experiences and knowledge - their conversations are honest and entertaining, making the show essential listening.

Pasha Petkuns, Reid's Latvian free runner husband and Red Bull's Art of Motion champion, married Reid in 2021 despite the controversy that followed their announcement and seem content together.

Rumors have swirled that they are secretly dating, yet this is untrue as both are married with no children as of yet and reside together in an impressive $4.8 million mansion in California.

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