January 22, 2024

Saint Blaise Prayer For Throat Ailments

saint blaise prayer

Saint Blaise of Sebaste in Armenia died in 316 AD as Bishop and beloved figure among his congregation due to his preaching and example. People found great solace in him preaching and living virtuously themselves - his sermons attracted people, while his healing powers could heal both body and soul ailments; legend even tells of him persuading a wolf into giving up its hold over a poor woman's pig that had been captured.

Saint Blaise was best-known for his unwavering faith and testimony of Jesus Christ's Gospel. When those in power didn't approve, he stood his ground steadfastly without polls or attempts at softening his message - instead living what he believed and being willing to suffer for it. Today's transient culture makes this iconic martyr an icon of spiritual healing for many people around the globe.

Today we celebrate St. Blaise and in recognition of his intercession for those suffering throat ailments we bless those present - typically by holding two candles (sometimes lit on Candlemas) up as crosses over their heads or throats to offer this blessing - while saying these words: 'Through Saint Blaise bishop and martyr, may God deliver us all from all diseases of throat and other illnesses Amen

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