January 22, 2024

Scorpio Compatibility

scorpio compatibility

Scorpios make for deeply intimate partners with unflinching loyalty. Additionally, Scorpios tend to prefer long-term partnerships over casual hookups.

Astrologically speaking, Libras rule the Eighth House which oversees deeper emotional connections, death (both physically as well as natural losses in life), healing, transformation and joint resources. Highly intuitive individuals tend to connect on an unconscious level but may struggle communicating their emotions; tending to keep things hidden instead.

Cancer, Capricorn and Pisces individuals tend to find most companionship among the zodiac signs. Cancerians find comfort with individuals from these water signs as they share emotional depth and can understand mood changes without having to speak.

Scorpio may struggle with Aquarius due to their affinity for socializing, which may make Scorpio jealous and possessive. Furthermore, communication might become challenging due to an Aquarius's logical mind clashing with their more intuitive and emotionally responsive side.

Scorpios tend to appreciate the reliability and commitment of Taurus as it provides them with a solid base from which they can build. Scorpios also benefit from working closely with Virgo due to both their analytical mindsets. Unfortunately, however, Scorpios don't get along well with Gemini; both signs tend to clash on multiple levels when it comes to communication.

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