April 21, 2023

Seed Corn on Foot: An overlooked problem in agriculture


Agriculture is the backbone of many economies around the world. The success of any farming activity largely depends on the quality of the seeds used. Farmers spend a considerable amount of time and resources to ensure that they plant high-quality seeds that will yield the desired results. However, an overlooked problem in agriculture is seed corn on foot, a problem that significantly affects the quality of seeds and crop yields.

What is Seed Corn on Foot?

Seed corn on foot is a condition that occurs when farmers walk on the field where the seeds were planted. It leads to seed damage and reduction in the germination rate, affecting the overall productivity and quality of the crop.

Causes of Seed Corn on Foot

Seed corn on foot can be caused by various factors, including:

  • Walking on the seeds during planting or weeding
  • Using machinery on wet soil or soil with high clay content
  • Animal grazing on the field
  • Harvesting too early, causing damage to the unripe seeds

Effects of Seed Corn on Foot

Seed corn on foot has adverse effects on the quality and productivity of the crop. Some of them include:

  • Reduced germination rates
  • Poor crop stand
  • Variation in growth rate and plant size
  • Reduced yield

Prevention and Management of Seed Corn on Foot

Preventing and managing seed corn on foot can be achieved through various measures, including:

  • Maintaining proper planting spacing when sowing seeds
  • Using machinery that does not damage the soil or seeds
  • Keeping animals away from the field during planting and growing seasons
  • Proper timing of harvesting


What is the difference between seed corn on foot and seed damage?

Seed corn on foot occurs when the seeds are walked on, while seed damage occurs when the seeds are physically deformed or split. Seed damage can also occur during storage or transportation.

Can seed corn on foot affect all types of crops?

Yes, seed corn on foot can affect all types of crops that require planting.

What can I do if I suspect seed corn on foot in my field?

You can contact an agricultural expert or consultant who can assess the field and provide advice on the appropriate measures to take.

Can seed corn on foot be reversed?

Seed corn on foot cannot be reversed, but preventive measures can be taken to avoid it in future planting seasons.

Is seed corn on foot a common problem in agriculture?

Seed corn on foot is an overlooked problem in agriculture that affects crop yield and quality. However, it can be minimized through proper farming practices.

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