January 22, 2024

Sri Yantra - The Queen of All Yantras

sri yantra

There may come times in life when everything seems out of order and success seems out of reach, or peace and happiness seem distant. At these moments, Sri Yantra can step in to align a person's goals and intentions with cosmic energies of abundance and prosperity to give them strength to achieve what they've set out to achieve.

Sri yantra symbol is known as the Queen of all yantras and contains powerful hidden forces which can manifest into wealth, health, name, fame, knowledge, good luck and benevolent blessings. Its complex geometric design based on sacred geometry features nine interlocking triangles; each triangle and line has an important purpose and meaning; their center point, called bindu, represents unity while four upward-pointing triangles symbolize masculine energy associated with Hindu God Shiva while five downward facing triangles signify feminine energy or Shakti.

Sri Yantra can serve a dual purpose: spiritual and practical. As well as its spiritual significance, its energetic properties help balance one's own energies while protecting against negative influences or vibrations from outside sources. By transmitting cosmic vibrations into an individual's environment and clearing out negativity from that space.

Sri Yantras are considered an essential element of both Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, and should be placed in an area free of clutter to maximize its benefits. Ideally, facing east is best as this represents new beginnings and expansion.

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