January 22, 2024

Terrel Williams

terrel williams

Terrel Williams participated in an unforgettable fight that would change his life irrevocably in 2015. Terrel, then a budding professional boxer, defeated then-undefeated welterweight Prichard Colon in this fight that quickly turned ugly when Terrel started throwing illegal punches to Colon's back of head causing him to collapse into a coma and require care from family and a motorized wheelchair to move around. Colon has shown steady improvement since, though they continue to require assistance for mobility from his family as they use one to move around his body.

Williams' fight with Colon was one of the most notorious in boxing history and has left lasting effects. Although he never publicly apologized, Williams expressed deep sympathy and concern for Colon's health, even going as far as praying every day for him, showing no hard feelings against Colon.

Williams has kept his personal life extremely private and it remains unknown if he is married or has children. Additionally, he remains quiet on social media as fans continue to harass and criticize him over their tragic fight with McGregor.

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